Saturday, September 22, 2012

My First Sight, 1998

Choden Primary School
Thimphu; Bhutan
7 March, 1998


My communications are few, yet my heart is authentic
I attain lot many friends in my existence, but not as spongy as you
I remember you in my life, because I never forget you
You know life receive story, and mind receive perception

I worship you from the earth till the moon
I shed tears for the age that you were almost mine
I cry for the recollections I have left behind
I whimper for the times I thought I had you in my life

Whenever you feel lonely, I will be there for you
Remember me, day and night
I will never shut my eyes, since you are there for me
Get nearer and be with me everlastingly

Life is too short to be taken seriously
Let us get the feelings in one time life
I belief that God above us is waiting for us
Without a beloved heart, is only a portion of flesh?

Just trust my dispatch
I will be waiting for your retort
Don’t modify your soul
Come and love me perpetually

Missing You Dear
With Unending Love

Kabesa Primary school
Punakha, 1998


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