Thursday, September 27, 2012

Laying under the Full Moon

I welcomed Full Moon,
In a respected compassion,
With a wish to shine forever in this Universe 

The night was so cool and peace,
I lay on my carpet, watching the full Moon constantly,
I felt cool and unsullied air passing by.

The sky was tranquil and so friendly,
With a luminous moonlight, bounded by innumerable stars,
I was contented to see the nature around.

Nearby the gate was the security guard,
Exhausted and snoring steadfastly,
The dogs came too, and slept besides him.

Little faraway is the University Tower,
With red lettered signal lights,
Blinking after every second as my eyes do

The flights were moving up and down,
With a stable velocity,
To accomplish their own destiny

The silence of the night,
Took me to my home country,
Where my parents, associations and beloved subsist

I asked my own soul, 
How far is my home country?
I cried for a moment, reason being far away

Ants of different sizes were consequently busy, 
Kissing here and there on my feet, thighs, and belly
Sending messages from one to another on their way

I sung many songs,
Of no particular tune,
I laughed and laughed, just laughed

The steady brightness of the Moonlight,
Remind me of my aging epoch,
Getting older and nearer to the graveyard

I said goodnight to the full Moon,
Goodnight to my home country,
And goodnight to my eyes


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