Monday, May 14, 2012

...Options in my life?

I am called by a different name in my family, but outside I am infamously known as Red Headed. I am mostly found in southern Minnesota, USA. I feel free and thrilled in different hues. To establish my own territory and to attract mates are only concern that I have in my life. Nature has offered me lot of home. I feel glad to travel here and there provided that someone who is higher in grade and powerful than my size would not harm me. Life is very short as somebody said. It’s very tricky to find out a dead or dry tree.

I live mostly in an existing home, hollowing out the vertical surface of tree trucks and branches, waiting for ants and insects to come out. Frustration comes when the weather condition is very bad. It takes me 2-3 days to peck a hole, where there is already a cavity. I lay eggs and hoist my family and move to another wood after a few weeks. I could see human beings happy with their life. I am bounded by so many problems and heaviness. I live everywhere in existing surroundings with terror and strain. I do have my own territory, family, government, but I don’t have external sovereignty to some extent.

Do I have Options in my life?


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