Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Note-Books with the Admonition

My schooling life was so strange. Brought up in a destitute family, I became very sincere diligent. It was so stiff on my part during those times. Enjoyment was away from my world. My schooling life at Punakha High School was profoundly challenged by the competitors from the various sections: Science, Commerce and Arts. I belonged to Arts section, one of the notorious sections of the year 2004. Ragging Giver Class of the year.

Copying notes either directly from the green board or listening to the dictation of a teacher in the Bhutanese classroom teaching was the culture during those times. My friends in the class were so lazy to copy those notes in time. Being one of the high achievers in the class, my friends used to lend my note books to copy down those notes-
So, I started maintaining the note books. The note books were of register type. People say that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” I used to keep my notes very neat and clean and up to date. The books were quite heavy and had the Admonition written on the top right hand side of each book, on the cover page: “Please Do Not Dog Ear the Pages of my Book.” They used to return my books without dog earring the pages of my books. 


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