Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Patient at Home

Pain is my invariable companion
My psyche resides with a pumping heart
Day and night I say sorry to everyone in my family
I feel twinge and numbness everywhere

Ah Ulcer.......Ulcer…..Ulcer…..Ah ah Ah
An asset- that keeps me tedious and unwell all the time
Where did you come from?
Leave me all alone and liberate me safely

Who has seen this life?
My journey is taken far away- over the valleys and hills
Wealth has nothing do with this drive
Is my life different? Do I really need to follow this Asset?

Shading tears (often) only hurt my family
I feel cheerless, gloomy and shady after every second
Hope is one thing
That pushes me to count my days

I miss chili, oil and spice
What should I do? And where should I go?
I feel brutal sting with this move 
Where is the taste?


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