Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Expression

When I First saw U
I saw love of a true victory
But I know, you think that I should not love U

My day starts and stops with your name
When I first saw you, I could not control and belief my eyes
I feel all the time very hard and separated

Love you for many reasons; I long to see and hear from you
I would like to give you everything that is mine
Any knowledge I have little as it is

Let me love you in my own way
When I first saw you (26th May)
Feelings started to grow in my heart

You smile at my silly jokes and enjoy my youthful spirit
I love you because you listen to me
As I share the small triumphs of the day

But I am nobody and never belong to someone; in particular
I don’t know the reason why I love you
I was just born with the name: - Jurme Thrinley

I don’t know exactly how I found you
There is no duplication in my feelings
Even now the tears rush to my eyes and sobs choke my throat
As I write this to you 


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